Innate Angling Developments

We've been working in conjunction with Innate Baits to produce a range of hook baits aimed towards our match and pleasure anglers. Based on the testing we've been doing here at the lake, they have certainly been doing the job!

The range of pellets and boilies are all hand rolled on site and are sold on the bankside from £3.00 per pack. For mail or bulk orders, please get in contact with us via our Facebook page - we're happy to ship anywhere in the UK, let us know how many bags and which flavors you'd like and we'll provide a quote.

The following flavors available with more to come as we dream them up!


All our Bait is made and rolled on site, nothing is given to third party’s making us unique. We specialise on producing a high quality food source for the fish. We have a small but dedicated group of anglers we supply our Boilies to. So join our growing group of anglers and stand out from the crowed!


This fresh high quality fish meal based mix it is easily digested by the fish with a high protein level and low oil content so its a good all year round bait. When the fish get on it they pile on the pounds so your fisheries benefits from you choice of a quality Boilie, and you know your taking fish care seriously, there is also a hint of fruit with this food source which the carp love like we like our chocolate.

With the highest quality blend of Aquatic meals and attractors this already sets the bait apart from its competition. The liquid package that is included in this bait just helps to ooze attraction, with the base mix and the liquid package combined it offers the fish exactly what they require.

Flavour profiles include:

  • Shellfish sense appeal
  • Whiskey
  • Tuna
  • Krill
  • Plum

Available in 30mm, 24mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16mm and 10mm boiles and 10x14mm and 14x18mm dumbells.

From 1kg to 100+kg bags - we roll to order, just let us know how much you need.

Beast Feast Boilie


This is our Seed Nut and milk protein base mix which we formulated to be a high quality food Source to the carp which gives them a craving for more or Go Nuts. This mix is very hard to roll and produce due to its ingredients, but gives you the angler the edge!

Made up of the highest quality nut products, milk proteins essential oils and attractors this bait is a winner and a great choice for all year round use.

Flavour profiles include:

  • Coconut
  • Banana
  • Chocolate malt
  • Cherry
  • Pineapple

Available in 30mm, 24mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16mm and 10mm boiles and 10x14mm and 14x18mm Dumbells.

From 1kg to 100+kg bags - we roll to order, just let us know how much you need.

G Nut Boiles

Pellets and Particles

We have a range of high quality pellets and particles which will improve your catch rate and get the fish grubbing around in your swim and stimulate them into feeding on your baited patch. 

Session Buckets

The new Innate Baits session packs are now available - a mix of quality pellets with a choice of 10mm popups in a sealable bucket.

£6 on the bank - too good!

Session Buckets

Match Hook Baits

The range of pellets are designed for the serious match angler, all baits are hand rolled and just ooze attraction that the fish home in on carp and bream both love these baits!


10mm Dumbbell Boilies

Malty white chocolate flavour that works so well on waters where fish see a lot of bread.

Choconut Dumbell Boilies

Pineapple+ Dumbell Boilies

10mm Dumbbell Boilies

A classic flavour, who hasn't caught on pineapple?! These high visibility baits are ideal for the depths of winter when it's hard to buy a bite.

Pineapple Plus Dumbell Boilies

Pink Candy

10mm Dumbbell Boilies

Only real fish eat pink! A strong fruity, strawberry smell and a bright visible bait ideal for winter.

Pink Candy Dumbell Boilies

Sea Food

10mm Dumbbell Boilies

Fishy and fresh, these really smell like they're straight from the sea. A nice bright hook bait that will work well year round, especially fished over red maggots.

Sea Food Dumbell Boilies

Tangy Tangerine

10mm Dumbbell Boilies

Orange and citrus flavours combined with essential oils, these baits still smell strong even after being in the water for an hour.

Tangy Tangerine Dumbell Bolies

Spicy Plumb

10mm Dumbbell Boilies

A fruit based boilie in a lighter red that really stands out in the water.

Spicy Peach Dumbell Boilies