Forest Lake Rules

  1. 3 Rod limit per angler
  2. No unattended rods to be left in the water
  3. All unhooking mats, slings and nets to be provided by the fishery
  4. All fish to be lifted from the water with the net inside the sling (please limited the time the fish is out of the water)
  5. Micro barbed hooks only
  6. All lead arrangements must NOT be fixed.
    Drop off inlines, drop off heli set ups and lead clips are acceptable as well as free running leads.
  7. No braided mainline, except on marker rods and spod rods
  8. No fires
  9. Any particles must be prepared properly before use and checked by staff
  10. All swims to be free of litter
  11. No excessive drinking whilst fishing, drugs are not tolerated
  12. Arrival time after 12pm, departure no later than 10am

We reserve the right to terminate your holiday if your party in anyway are causing harm or disturbance  to other anglers, other people, property,  grounds, fish or lakes,

You will not be liable to a refund or compensation and may incur costs for any damages.